Reviews for "AN Escape Series #5"

had to cheat.. but still loved the game

very good, i like it when series keep up their effort and producing such good games.

Rather Difficult

Always been a fan of the Escape Series. This one took me a bit. Keep up the work man.

make more

i love the escape series please make more

very nice

All the clues were there, you just had to look. I like the idea that you put in a time limit on this one, it makes the game more of a challenge. The only things i'd say can improve was the jumpers, they really didnt stick out too well, i was 1/2 way to hypothermia before i found 2. As well as that, most peeps playing this game dont know jack about wiring electronics, so maybe a schematic or atleast a clue on where the jumpers should go on there. I guess its a good thing my pops taught me a little bit about the stuff... lol. Either way, perfect score in my opinion keep up the great work!


Screw you it takes a fricken genius to figure this out without a walkthrough >:(