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Reviews for "TailgatinG"


nice job, i like your animation, hope you get an A++++

CyborgCactus responds:

taken care of :)

Based on a true story

Smooth animation, nicely detailed at some parts. The voice acting adds a plus...shows real expression of being pissed. Keep up the good work!

Just to nitpick...they are not allowed to overtake. There is a double line. They are just being good citizens which is turned out to be truly annoying :)

CyborgCactus responds:

thanks! in the back of my mind, ive always kind of wanted to do voice acting, im glad it shows. :D

My thoughts exactly!

Nothing is sweeter than a little revenge on the road...as long as it's all in good fun and no one gets hurt. Great animation for your final project. I hope you made a solid A+. =)

It's interesting you put this out a couple of days after I rigged the rear wiper fluid nozzle on my Jeep to, instead of spraying fluid on my rear window, instead shoot a Super Soaker strength jet of fluid on any dickheads that pull the same tailgating crap just like in this movie. I tried it once yesterday on this idiot lady in some cheap Hyundai and boy was she pissed and flipped me off, but I was LOLing so hard, it was totally worth it. XD

CyborgCactus responds:

lmao! perfect!


It´s good! Great artwork, voice acting and story.
3 things though: The cars weels stop at a certain point,
the animation of some things seem a little shockey,
and the laugh of the guy at the end sounds really unreal.
Oh, and one more thing: Why does he make such a problem of people driving behind him? I don´t think it´s such a big deal...

CyborgCactus responds:

thanks! the wheels and shocky animation may just be a lag issue, try watching it on a lower quality.
some people dont mind having someone drive 4 feet away from their car, but its just a pet peeve of mine. i dont know why, it just angers me to no end.

I love it.

I'm recalling this from personal experience too, friggen' tailgaters SUCK. What really made this movie an instant favorite of mine is the excellent voice acting. I mean it really pulled the viewers into the storyline with all the frustration of being tailgated. The humor was creative and original, and that too was really going for this flash movie.

That paired with the good, smooth animation, is just a pleasure to view. The only thing that I think needed improvement would be the ending sequence. I felt that pressing the button scene was slow, although I like how you attached it to the guy's car, and the result wasn't as satisfying as I think it should be.

I mean these people have been tailgating you even after you put on the bumper sticker and electrical tape, the final solution should have the driver swerve a little bit, or slam on his brakes or something more dramatic in the final scene.

Still, all in all it was a great flash video and you better have gotten a good grade for that assignment, bro.

CyborgCactus responds:

TY very much for your review! i got a 99 on it, and that one point was taken off because my initial storyboard that i handed in was more of a series of sketches lol. as for the ending, i did have a thought rolling around about the tailgater swerving and crashing followed by a single wheel rolling past the camera, but i decided not to because i wanted it to be a "harmless" ending since it was a school assignment.
thanks again!