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Reviews for "Morpher"

Haha nice

It's pretty cool cant wait for a next one with some more crazy stuff.

Firetalon responds:

Thanks so much! I can't belive how much people coulve liked this! This is my first animation!

pretty good

I find it kinda of trippy that I heard that song for the first time just a few minutes before watching this. +1 for ironic-ness!

Firetalon responds:

Lol, I'm glad you had irony! Irony is my favorite color.


That was a trip to watch! If you blinked you'd miss something! I liked it! 8D

Firetalon responds:

I tried to make it exiciting. Kind of like running with scissors.


Looks good. You should leave some of the forms on the screen longer. Rather than having it morph into objects randomly, try to make the transformations more progressively related.

If the morpher's supposed to be a creature, it should be responding to it's environment. It at least needs objects to respond to, so it has a reason to change shape. Or, it could be responding to music or sound.

Firetalon responds:

I know. After finishing, I thought about those things. I'm already working on another one for the future and so I will use this.

nice ;D

the animation and the song make it perfect i like it