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Reviews for "How 2 Make a Ngs Username"

Ah fuck.

I guess I have no hope then. I mean, Quidoo, seriously? What the hell was I thinking, trying to be original...

LewToons responds:

u have no hope....im sorry....


Adjectives are for pussies. All nouns, all the time. All riiiiiiiiight.


This is, of course, entirely true. :D

You should do a sequel about how some usernames have 'Sonic' 'naruto' or 'madness' in them or something.


i don't get it. oh, the animation was mediocre, and the humor was poor. very dane cook styled, exaggerating what the majority of people do, and dane cook is never a good thing. ending was kinda funny. 7/10 for effort

LewToons responds:

even tho people think its really uncool to like dane cook, i actually like him


Good tutorial, annoying humor.