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Reviews for "How 2 Make a Ngs Username"

Funny and Entertaining!

To bad it was to late me me...*Points at Username*

Nice Video! >:)

Cute and true

Both characters in this short have a point and that's what makes this worth watching. my username (like the video recommends) has an adjective: mini (well, technically mini isn't a adjective, but it is a descriptive word) and a Noun: Amazon. I put these together because I'm short so midget kind of fits me, and I am a martial artist so Amazon also fits me in a way. I feel like an a fun-sized Amazon so Mini Amazon means something to me. I think this video might help someone who hasn't come up with the perfect username.

LewToons responds:

mini is an adjective - miniature- (in the way u used it )

this was good

This was kind of like my first masturbation. good and enjoyable but not brought to perfection, leaving a sense of unsurety about what just happened. Also it fills the viewers of Newground with a feeling of happiness when they watch it for the first time :P

I have a 4th Step

If your name is completely arrogant and conceited, make it in a different language, such as Latin, so that everyone has to look it up to know how awesome you think you are.

I like it

Though it was actually true, it was funny too. (no rhyme intended.)
Nice job but I think it would've been better with better animation.