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Reviews for "How 2 Make a Ngs Username"

Yeah thats sorta how my name was made!!!!

1t5 5tup1d!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST KIDDIN'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is awesome

Like a self-help movie

I really like how it all came together, especially the little visual cues, and when "three easy steps" was perfectly in step with the music. It kinda reminds me of the audio that would play on my CD cleaner before it said "Hello. This CD is now cleaning your CD player."

Anyways, great job.

alrighty then

ill keep the name i thought up 5 years ago, i like this name.

Pretty Funny

Not really my humor, but cool animation.

and ZKMY is probably supposed to be spelled "ZANY". But he probably spelled that wrong along with the rest of his review.


I've had my user name for years, and I didn't even come up with it. My dad did. I don't know why I've still used it because I don't even live in Mississippi anymore. -.-

Great flash
I have a feeling that you're missing a step.
Step 4. Kill yourself after making your dumbass username

Some Examples of Winning Usernames
StinkyTaco JuicyFoot ImmensePantsize thunderF*ck and my personal favorite OldTartFart