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Reviews for "How 2 Make a Ngs Username"

Haha nice

If this gets on the first page, I'm betting someone is going to go and create a new account with that username. Hell someone probably already did, in fact, I should go and make that!

LewToons responds:

someone already did!


''lol loopylion, i wish u wud actully tell us how to change u name cus well, my name sux''

Lulz sow dus ur spelling!!11one

Anyway, good fun, 8/10 :)


It was pretty cute, the animation was alright, and the joke was decent.

this was good

This was kind of like my first masturbation. good and enjoyable but not brought to perfection, leaving a sense of unsurety about what just happened. Also it fills the viewers of Newground with a feeling of happiness when they watch it for the first time :P

Amusing but,

No attempt was made to explain the correct use of the letter x as a prefix/suffix, or the use of leet-spelling compared to regular spelling.

Maybe needs a sequel