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Reviews for "How 2 Make a Ngs Username"


i used 2 nouns, forgot an adjective.

::looks at her username::

...I'm in the "WTF, how the hell do we pronounce that mess of letters?!" category, where a chunk of our usernames are usually our real names backwards or our faces spontaneously mashed against the keyboard.

I totally wish I had this tutorial when coming up with my username, but alas...

LewToons responds:

haha i wonderd how to pronounce ur name

Check it

This is how you make a username, bitches!

mostly correct.

you see, you can also make a kickass name by putting two nouns together as well. like waffleraptor or squidface. or even my own name, toastking.

adj + noun = win

"lile Ninka, or Raptor"
I laughed hard at that part.