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Reviews for "How 2 Make a Ngs Username"


My username is just like you said it should be, guess I'm gonna be famous :D.


everything is so funny! my name is ELEMENTEL!!

what about yours?
p.s. my name isnt ,like, random letters or numbers or some random @$$ crazy word> OKAY? I like my name and ill stick too it.


lol my username is something i made up when i was first introduced to the world of the internetz. and it stuck. (plus i hate all those FUCKING numbers at the end of usernames)

So true it's scary

That is exactly how I came up with my name. I had my brother think of a random noun while I thought of a cool sounding adjective, and POOF, innovation! You just absolutely nailed that one on the head so well that I'm starting to worry that you may be a wizard or mind-reading genie of some sort.


who the fuck shot the chinese guy??