Reviews for "Claris Autopsy"

the end

the ending is fucked,she was alive,but when u took it out,she DIED


Good game......scary, i think u shoulda rated Adult, but this game is....WOW.... so much detail and other stuff, i rate 10


this is so boring and you can see everything which isn't so bad ;P

It works, in more ways than one.

The programming aspects of this game were in working order, well done. The fact that you didn't take this too seriously, (I was somewhat entertained by the little notes) is what made this game work for me. A few steps up on the art and this could have been an eight, (I'd need a little more 'puzzle' or 'game' for a ten).

There is a difference between the 'victim' that we love to see skewered on the end of Michel's knife, and the women that sits next to us in class. This difference is indiscernible to those who don't have that compartmentalization going on in their own minds. So the humor and giddy pseudo-sadism is lost on them. Oh, well.

Hahahaha. Wait, WHAT?!?!

I loled. Until I pulled off her muscles. It was rather disgusting from then on. But hell, I have a strange sense of humour, so this is good for me.