Reviews for "Claris Autopsy"


i took out every single bone in her body...IN ONE DAY WHOOT

hulk hogen says: "AND DONT CALL IT A MINNE SERISE"


Awesome!! I like the way it was all planed up (I was the cause of death).

totally brĂ¼tal, dude

Wow, I remember playing this way back when. Pretty bad now that I come back to it.

Just flat out weird

Really strange game , not much to say about it . It was kinda fun removing everything one by one but it has no replayability whatsoever . Simple and entertaining for a while


"Umm, i guess we can call her parents now."
"And tell them what? We performed an autopsy and crushed her freaking heart?"
"What are we supposed to do with the body parts?"
"Oh, um, nevermind. I got a better idea. See, here's my german luger, I kill you and then I shoot myself!
"Okay, bad idea."
"Put her in the forest! Frame the wolves!"
-at the forest-
"Heehee, i can see you. I'm looking up her butt and out her eyes and there you are."
"Okay Dan, you yelled at me back at the autopsy room, so shut up! We'll dump her out here."

-From that night on I had horrible nightmares about murdering that girl. But i did a little good by feeding the wolves.
-Chrinstoffski Out.