Reviews for "Claris Autopsy"

Not bad...

Thats A bit wierd Taking her Skin off But What was really funny Was the music when u tore things off lmao, HALALUYA!!!

LOL allmighty

that is the best game i ever played on the internet funny i mean omg she still alive when you take her apart i mean honestly

just what i needed

i am kind of sick and demented, and this is just what i needed to make me laugh loudly at 5 AM to wake the house up! even I was a little grossed out by it.... LOL, this is funny stuff!


Weird, Fun, and educational! This flash shall go to all the schools, university's, and hospitals to educate bright young minds on the human anatomy. On a still less serious note, I feel bad for killing claris. Was that a tie to the Hannibal movies perhaps? I think the restart button should be labeled "Resurrect". Its like bringing her back to life!!!!!! Good job on it though!


Holy shit, is this crap true. I so don't belive it. Anyways, I like it.