Reviews for "Claris Autopsy"


This is so screwed up. Okay so you could mutilate the Clarigotchi which was mildly amusing but I honestly think the guy's a little disturbed. This submission is to disturbing...

Well at least he bothered to age rate it properly!


well, that was pretty disturbing. if this game was based on an actual murder than i hope you fucking burn in hell.

waist of time

you would think any game with autopsy in the title would be fun but this was complete and total crap


lets just say i didn't leave her with much :/ (cough NOTHING AT ALL) HALLEJUYAH

It's Violent and Educational, but mostly VIOLENT!

Yaaaay violence! This was a very interesting flash. Not only did it have a rather strange twist at the end, but it was well thought out. It was surprisingly educational, seeing as you described the uses and functions of certain body parts. The music was entertaining and I was surprised by that whole heart scream thing. Nice sort of storyline going on there too. Overall, though, I think the style that you used needed to be a bit different. The dragging of the body parts made it tedious and there wasn't much room to actually PUT the parts when you were finished with them, so there's room for improvement. Anyways, nice job.