Reviews for "Claris Autopsy"

crazy weird.

it makes no sense that shes still alive untin after you remove her heart when she already has a fork in her stomach, a tape in her neck a baby (thats enough to kill most people on its own), been beaten,has a hole in her skull, and most importantly has some mentally disturbed guy taking her apart starting with her underwear and a fig leaf.


Its y'know cool not exellent but cool y know not exelent but cool yknow


it was ok . . . i guess


i love the fig leaf part: "who cares if she naked?! certinly not claris since she dead... but the pope and priest insisted"

hehe could have been drawn better but overall 9/10

Um, if she dies when you remove the heart...

How in the HELL did she die when you REMOVE HER FREAKING LUNGS, STOMACH, AND KIDNEYS FIRST!?!?!? Pretty stupid actually. Not to mention she would probably die from pain after cutting everything out of her.