Reviews for "Nicolas Cage Wants Cake"




I also wants that cake, but that doesn't mean i'll get it...

Lets see one for The Wicker Man!

In a way this is a great representation of Nic Cage. He has a over-the-top crazy style to his acting, from The Wicker Man to Bad Lieutenant to Kick-Ass. His deleted scene in The Wicker Man, where he screams about bees, has entered the pop culture lexicon. While his role in The Family Man might not be so ridiculous, he has his moments. This flash is very well done and and the song catchy, but it also taps into what makes Nic Cage so entertaining to watch. I know these message boards are not usually filled with critical thought (not bashing, just saying its mostly quickies saying how said flash sucks or rules), but I think its worth discussing. I might be crazy but I think while you reedited the scene to make it over the top, Nic Cage performs like that in movies all the time (and its great). Maybe, just maybe, that is why people are responding to your flash with "WTF" or "I laughed my ass off the whole time and I'm not even sure why." Good stuff.

Lol it was funny, but too short.

A bit longer wouldnt have hurt, but it was still good.


I watch it for 5 times omg. Keep the good work !!