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Reviews for "Tower of Doom!"

really good game

Good difficulty. Although, for me, the last level was easier than some of the earlier levels. Maybe it was just the strategy I used. I bought nothing but magic towers and magic tower upgrades, and by the time I reached 5 magic towers doing 8 damage each, the field was a death trap with balls bouncing all over the place.

The strategy doesn't work so well on lower levels, though--mostly due to money and rate of income.

Frost towers didn't seem very useful. They were, but they were too expensive. Fire towers were good, but it'd be nice if they did area damage (or more of it if they do already). I didn't use arrows at all since you kept saying things were resistant to them.

It would help if you made enemies with different weaknesses. Like, make a fire giant that's weak to ice or ice giant that's weak to fire.

Good job.

what a great waste of time... in a good way!

i literally played for hours yesterday....

5/5 anytime...

BTW I really would like the music, PLEASE!!!!

the game it self wouldn't be as good without it...

at times when it got repetitive the music really helped in keeping it fresh...

Good game!

I like the music, the anims, everything, except it needs a little bit of variety.. Still quite difficult..

Very Very Fun and Entertaining

the game was insanely fun and kept me interested i played this game for an hour and im still happy with playing it again although there is not that much to it, it doesnt matter for this game because it makes it simple and user friendly, 10/10 because its fun and interesting , 5/5 for its simplicity and creativeness. Really nice work

Good Defence Game !

This game is just wonderful.
The graphics is very simple ( the green can be a little too aggressive), it's nevertheless effective and pretty. The SFX and music are like the graphics, both simple and charming.
The difficulty level is well proportioned and obliges us not to go to sleep! I really enjoyed this game and I wait impatiently a sequel or another game of its kind!
Very good work! Bravo