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Reviews for "Tower of Doom!"

nice concept... poor balancing

when you can win the main storyline by using nothing but fire towers (and trust me, I just did) when your supposed to have to use a combination of them... something is wrong. seriously wrong.

pretty much, it does the most damage hands down. and on top of that once you upgrade it only 1 time (on later levels you don't even need to wait for more income before being able to do that) it can reach anything in the game, even catapults.

if I might make a suggestion... make the fire tower a MUCH shorter range (and possible raise the fire rate of it some to compensate) this would at least force you to at least WANT the other towers

other then that, the graphics were fairly the same and flowed well with what you had, and I saw no real bugs so defenitely hats off to you for that.


Epic game.... absolutely fantastic. i especially love the title screen music, tis so peaceful... the ingame awesomeness is also.. well... awesome! loved it!

Good Defence Game !

This game is just wonderful.
The graphics is very simple ( the green can be a little too aggressive), it's nevertheless effective and pretty. The SFX and music are like the graphics, both simple and charming.
The difficulty level is well proportioned and obliges us not to go to sleep! I really enjoyed this game and I wait impatiently a sequel or another game of its kind!
Very good work! Bravo

Awesome, just a few tweaks and it would shine!

This game is brilliant, the storyline is a bit short however, and the magic towers, as others has said is extremely unbalanced, the ricochet of the magic projectiles should be reduced to 1, because it's basically a cake walk if it was on any level or, just plain enough to get a high score on onslaught.

The good thing about this game is that onslaught NEVER ends! So if you finished the campaign you could play that.

Not too bad, Just very good! 9/10

Keep up the good work comin'
Ps: BTW i got 265,559 for onslaught just using the magic and ice... (it's a good combination)


it needed a few tweaks. It needs a sell button if you can only build 7 towers or allow you to build more. I could have went all day if I could upgrade more, or have more towers.