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Reviews for "Tower of Doom!"


Good game, but needs some improvement. I think it could use more than four types of towers, kind of annoying to have to go "down" to build towers (you might build one then find out after words you need a totally different one), and at the end of the level, I was expecting a scene of doom and destruction, not just a screen saying "YAY! You won!"
Needs some work, but could be a great game.

Nice TD game with interesting quirks

An average TD game, with interesting story that harkens back to the old Dungeon Keeper line by Bullfrog.

I did notice something that may be a bug/balance issue however:
All towers of the same kind upgrade for one set fee regardless if you have one or six of them. Hence, it doesn't make sense to pay for several types of tower and then pay the increasing upgrade costs for each type, when you can just buy all one type of tower and pay the upgrade costs once.
Yes, there are advantages to buying each type of tower, but the slight differences really don't stand up to the advantage of buying all the same type and upgrading super efficiently. Any storyline game can be beaten easily using this strategy.

Fun game.

Very fun game. I greatly enjoyed the theme. Evilness is fun.

I'd have loved to see more effects of my evilness- burnt villages, dead families, etc.

The artwork was generally pretty, and fun to see.

I liked the music. You've always had good music in your productions.

The lack of any control was nice. Meant you could just be an overwhelmingly powerful warlord. Some customization would have been nice, though. Different paths to take. Like, two different upgrade paths for each tower.

You are awesome developers, and I thank you for this great game.

I'd add one or two things though-

Add some sort of random delay or increase in the firing speed of all towers. They fire at the same time, so it's pointless having more than one fire tower- it just does damage to one foe.

Increase the aoe of the fire tower, so, relative to the magic tower, it's more effective.

Decrease the cost of the arrow tower. It's kinda pointless when it's the same cost as the others.

Depower the magic tower slightly.

really good game

Good difficulty. Although, for me, the last level was easier than some of the earlier levels. Maybe it was just the strategy I used. I bought nothing but magic towers and magic tower upgrades, and by the time I reached 5 magic towers doing 8 damage each, the field was a death trap with balls bouncing all over the place.

The strategy doesn't work so well on lower levels, though--mostly due to money and rate of income.

Frost towers didn't seem very useful. They were, but they were too expensive. Fire towers were good, but it'd be nice if they did area damage (or more of it if they do already). I didn't use arrows at all since you kept saying things were resistant to them.

It would help if you made enemies with different weaknesses. Like, make a fire giant that's weak to ice or ice giant that's weak to fire.

Good job.

Still needs work; Very easy to win.

I have to infer that the cost of towers increasing relative to having other towers built previously is some sort of bug, as the tutorial seems to state that the arrow tower is supposed to be easily mass produced but lacks the firepower of the others. With the way production cost works, it's very silly to ever build anything other than Magic and Fire towers, which cover AOE damage and Burst damage to cover every enemy type in the game. Considering also that there is a maximum number of towers the user can build which is relatively easy to get to, there's even less reason to diversify.

Even if this was addressed, the game very much suffers from lack of any user input. Most levels are spent just standing around waiting for your "money" to grow large enough that you can build something else, and when you do go to build something else you options are extremely limited.

Beyond these problems the music is *extremely* repetitive, and while I do like Space Pirates (have it in my favorites list and everything) anything for too long is going to naturally grate on the user. I also don't think Space Pirates fits the theme of this game at all.