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Reviews for "Tower of Doom!"

This is a great and simple game that I still come back to play.

So far my best score is with 5 magic and 2 ice.

my score is:172809 by using all the magic towers
just i way i like it

to win all lvls with ONLY a arrow tower...
1.buy 3 arrow towers
2.upgrade them all to full max
3.and it will became a minigun shotgun tower :3

Snark- no the music was not stolen from castle crashers.

its a fun game I will give it that, even though there is some game mechanics I would call errors.

#1- why is there a arrow tower if ALL TROOPS ARE RESISTANT AGAINST IT? there's no point to use the arrow tower when only the weakest unit is not resistant against it, it seems that every new troop comes with the warning *resistant to arrows*

#2- Mage tower is to op. There's no need to decide what tower to choose because mage tower is far superior which makes the choice to simple. ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU ARE PROMPT BY THE HINT " YOU SHOULD USE THE MAGE TOWER NOW".

Eh, it could be better game play, you can very easily spam magic towers and be just fine
I feel like the music has been stolen from Newgrounds Castle Crashers... Can anyone confirm this as well?
Other than that, its a good concept which is why its getting the stars it is
Just wish there was, a bit more to it