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Reviews for "Tower of Doom!"

Only two towers were worth while

The game was fun but only the fire and magic towers were of any use. A little more balance of power between the tower types would be nice.

some problems.. but otherwise a great game

opinions... everyones got them.. heres my opinion on what your towers should look like maxed...
MAGIC: firerate 1, damage 5, range 20, ending cost 900
ICE: firerate 1.5, damage 8, range 22, ending cost 1100
FIRE: firerate 1.2, damage 25-30, range 16, ending cost 1400
ARROW: perfect how it already is
i hope you make a second one. if you do, and you listen to my opinion, that will be a first for me xD


It was so muchh fun I got through the game in about a half hour. But still great I give it a ten by far!

Cool game

Cool game, but could have more stuff in it. Still good game graphic okay, not much of a story though, most people might like it, but my advice is skip and look for another game. Its just about 30 min. of just making magic tower and arrow tower and just waiting then upgrading and building more which is pretty much just the whole game.

Top 10 percent

I think i'll stop there since everyone at the peak all have the same damn score