Reviews for "Reincarnation: ITNOE"


Very challenging and enjoyable :')

and in reply to WtfAreYouDoing, yeah, anyone can, but it's almost always muslims, so get over it

fun as hell!!!!

a clue to a secret achivement is demonic economic ;)
probably wont help but hey :P

epicly fun! i wont stop till i get that last secret achivement :L

Wonderful game!

I can't describe how wonderful all your games are. The whole series is amazingly creative and fun. The bright artwork keeps my attention and makes me feel cheerful. I did feel like this one was slightly racist though. Anyone can be a terrorist.


I like this game very much.It may be short but It's a game that makes me like point n click adventures, which i usually do not like. I haven't heard of the others but i am sure to play them after this great game. This game wouldn't work without the great cartoony animation, which i loved. This has opened a huge new window for me being a fan of the series which i have not heard about and me waiting for the new games. It has been a while since i have found a game which has got me in love with the series.

Just as usual

Yep, this is just as usual. Good quality, nice ideas and some nice medals. I can't wait for the 3rd full episode. Great work!