Reviews for "Reincarnation: ITNOE"


its an awesome game at first i thought i had 2 wait 4 the clock to turn 1:30 but u just sorta click on it.

Pretty fun

I've waited for the clock to turn 1:30 but nothing happened. Other than that glitch it's a fun little game.

Fun As Hell :O (i Know the secret medals :O)

I love the point and click adventures of the 1990's and how the unqiue style of 2.5d was and i think you too it made it perefection i hope you make more games like this... Anywho

10 Point Medal (Demonic Economic)
Okay the first one was already said when you make the guy leave at the top floor turn off the light and keep it closed... after you kill the reincarny quickly click the light switch beside the door, when your (purple guy) talking that's when you click it off

25 Point Medal (No Rush)
Just wait for 1:30 for the clock :O in the top floor you should see a clock about in the middle of the room easy enough just wait :O

hint for secret medal

flick all the light switches at the end 1 one is the upper floor you start on so after you make the guy leave turn it off and 2 one is on the second floor after you kill naja flick the light switch fast or you wont get the medal (will wright after i get second secret medal)


very short, but entertaining. The last medal wasn't really worth getting though.