Reviews for "Reincarnation: ITNOE"

I love it..... I just don't enjoy waiting hours for one metal... and you can hardly read the second digit on the clock so everyone thinks it is already at 1 when its still at 12. Anyway, please release some new games with metals! I really like them. I just didn't enjoy this wait.

I quite enjoyed this game. As is usual with the games of The Reincarnation Series, it has some cool voice acting, an interesting plot, fun music as well as adorable and colourful animation. It really shows how much time, care and effort was put into making this game. If I had to point out any improvements that could have been made, I would have recommended you draw some more furniture upstairs since it looks a bit silly for the man to be staring into a wall rather than a TV or a painting and the animation could have been refined. Also, the last task expected of players to get the achievement "No Rush" is slightly insane. I admit that I'm nitpicking because I really can't see that many flaws with the game. It's a well-made game. As for the comments claiming the game to be racist, I disagree. The creator himself stated that he did not intend for it to be harmful or hurtful in any way in his next minigame (Reincarnation: TCOU). The guy clearly didn't create this game with the intention of making some profound political statement about Muslims or persons of Middle-Eastern descent or whoever. Take a chill-pill and enjoy this neat and innocent game.

Congratulations on making that awesome headache poster.

Short and good, but can't get the No Rush medal, and I left the game on the whole night. :/

it would be funny that some folks called this game racist, if it wasn't
depressing actually. 4 years ago no one would even imply such a thing (as you can
see for yourself while browsing the reviews).

now, after the charlie hebdo tragedy, I wonder if they still think it's racist.
probably they do, some people never learn, or get smarter.
it's funny that when you made a pedophile priest game, no one really complained (except maybe 1 guy).

This era will be remembered as the era of political correctness resulting in people being full
retards. I really hope that muslims will conquer europe and start persecuting those who defended
them. If this won't teach anything anyone, then maybe some people deserve their fate.

Ahhh, now I feel better after typing this.

BTW, while I know that you won't fix this, the clock in-game indeed goes slower than real time.

Pretty good game, just like the others. My only issue is that there should really be a button or something in-game to speed up the time on the clock. It's been 30 minutes real time, and the clock is only at 1:14. I will wait, though, because I'm a medal-whore.