Reviews for "Reincarnation: ITNOE"


One of the best games I have played on ng. It has unique setting, great story, very good voices... perfect. Played till I got every medal in every one. Oh and did you know that you can just use cheat engine to speed up waiting the one n' a half hour. Just dll it (if you don't have it) select your browser (eg. firefox) and set speedhack to 500. Simple way to get the medal if you don't have the time.

Great as always

I loved the music and gameplay! I've played these games a few months ago but I'm jsut now reviewing them (and repalying them). Keep it up!

Another great game but...

This was very well done but a bit of a letdown because of the secret medals, however they can be achieved!

This is how to get them:

Demonic Economic (10pts) : Switch off both lights in the rooms before completeing the game. After you make the upper floor guy leave switch off the light. As you climb down and witness Naja's death quickly click the second light in his room before you start speaking otherwise you won't be able to click it before the game finishes. Kind of poorly executed here.

No Rush (25pts) - Wait for the upper floor guy to leave on his own at 1:30. Here's how you do this. First of all people are saying the clock begins at 1:00 instead of 12 so they can't get the medal. This is not true. Look closely at the clock when you start, its 12:00 not 1:00, the 2 has not been shown propely in the clock frame but you should make it out. When you start click the note to recognise that he has a meeting at 1:30. Open the cupboard and take the ducky. It is imperative you do not click anywhere else near the clock or click the clock or photo just to make sure. Now go down and you will find Naja. Distract him to take the cloth off the bomb. Click the bomb then go back up. Here's the frustrating part. You now have to somply wait until its 1:30. That's an hour an a half in real time. As most flash content if you open a new tab or do something else, the time actually goes SLOWER. I waited 5 hours, no joke. However is you leave it on as the main tab you are using, so its on your screen, it goes in real time, so find something to do in 1hour and hlaf and come back with it left on. No need for clicking: the guy automatically gets up and goes and you get the medal.

Great game but I think the secret medals were a bit of a poor choice and maybe instead of waiting one hour and a half it should have been a few minutes, either that or make it worth 100points due to the sheer waiting time, 25pts was ridiculous since I waited no less than 5 hours. The lights one should have also been 25pts instead of 10 due to the awkardness of it. However I don't want to detract from the actual game itself which was fun.

I love this series but...

This is great series and this is a great addition to it, but the secret clock medal doesn't work for me.

The clock is supposed to go to 1:30, but it starts at 1:00 for me instead of 12:00...so the medal doesn't work for me.

Otherwise good game though.

I am loving these.

:) These games are so good. Please continue to make more. One of the secret tropies is a bit annoying to wait for so long but it's ok it makes the game more fun.