Reviews for "Reincarnation: ITNOE"


how do i actually DO this thing!

ill make it clear

For people experiencing diffculty with the last secret medal. It does not work properly, instead of the amount time it supposed to be spend on getting it. I had to wait 5 hours!
wtf?? it's like 1 min on that clock is 3 min on our clock. Fix this please, for the other players. I already have it.


funniest death they made in the series

Death by ducky

I ended up playing this one last for some reason and it was the funniest yet, just the fact that you killed him with a rubber duck...though the tub didn't hurt either, was just awesome. I didn't have any problems getting the secret medals myself, and as for the guy not leaving, once you change the clock you have to knock the picture over, then he leaves. Great game as all of them are


I know how to get the secret medals (having referred to the NG Wiki) but they don't seem to work. The only one that works is counter-terrorist.