Reviews for "Reincarnation: ITNOE"

Awesome game nice and simple cant find out how two get two secret medals yet though

Here are both the secret medals:
1. No Rush - Wait an hour and a half for the clock to strike 1:30 on its own
2. Turn off both lights (You must wait until the guy is dead for you to turn the light off on the bottom floor)

i love the way all the details are, but im christian, 10 years old, i like the ingame killing but in real life oh hell naw

Like all Reincarnation games (including non -minis) this is a little too short and solutions are not always logical. I am sad author dropped the more fun Groswold the Goblin series for Reincarnation.

This is a mini and too short. I would prefer a more rare releases of longer games with proper world and character building then a lot of these mediocre games.

Reincarnation series is like fast food for adventure games - easy for author to produce in large quantities and we players will eat it despite it not giving a satisfaction a proper adventure game gives.

I wil however give this one a hifger rating than for oher games of this series andaof this size for the fact that this is so deliciosly non politically correct now it 2017 even more so then whan it was made. Nice to see the purple devil fighting a reallistic villain which is taboo to display in many contemporary media.

This game is awesome, but waiting 30 minutes just to get a medal seems to be a bit tedious, don't you think? Other than that, you've done a great job!