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Reviews for "PocketZeldaStationAdvent"

Not bad...

For 3 hours at least. You could iron this out into a pretty good game. Increase the visible land, make better sprites, and add some overworld music, and this would be so much better. Or if you feel like limiting time, just scale down the existing sprites, just for more screen space.


It did feel like a pocket game. The only problem I had was not knowing the point of it.


For a game made in three hours, this is okay. It's a nice try at platforming, etc. I voted two. Some music would be nice...

Poor graphics

Even though the game seems to have a story, this game's graphics are so poor that they don't make the game interesting enough to keep playing. Also, it could be nice to have some sort of music or sounds. Work on that and this game might be worth playing.

ahhhh Nostalgia

Reminds me of haunted house, and titles of the same genre for the atari 2600. Quick easy and nothing really to make you want to play it again. but its got a kind of simple charm you dont see in many games nowadays.