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Reviews for "This morning"


I thought it was pretty fun, I wish i could wake up out of bed like that! i think your creativity covered up your not so perfect technique but that is a good thing! your technique you can work on but it's useless without creativity so good job! keep being creative and just work on your technique!

Quite a surprise!

I was not looking for anything particularly great, as it seemed standard from the start, but I was pleasantly surprised! I really liked how this had such a cute overtone to it. I was expecting it to get really dark when he was burned by the Sun, but it still did a good job of keeping up the good spirit! I love how you do a great job of showing perception when he comes out of the bedroom. I wish that I had a mattress that came to life. It was also nice to throw in a little something for us gamers.

Needs more...

Quick and decent stream of conscious animation. Makes me think of some great stop-motion live action films that you see on YouTube, or some of Peter Gabriel's music videos from back in the day. Good imagination here, but maybe a tad too short for my liking.

I Don't know what your smoking...

But you need to share..

Fair flash, could have made it longer, and slowed it down a bit.. The burning of people from touching the sun was diffrent.. Liked the entire teeth washing bit.

Keep working at it..