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Reviews for "Hell for Bread"


Well made, good use of sound effects, and good humour. And you pulled it off without swearing up a storm, having slutty characters, making fun of specific groups, making a parody of some popular series, or anything like that. Good show.
That really, really sucks about the corruption. One of my movies also got corrupted right when it was around 95% done... and I just dropped it. I didn't wanna piss around with poor quality and inserting the few missing frames, plus I still had to do some final touches on some of the earlier frames... That never happened to me until December 2009, and then it continued to happen on occasion. I've been making frequent backups of my movies ever since the first incident. Anyhow, great job.

tcoffin responds:

Gah, that sucks dude, sorry to hear that.

but i'm glad you liked my movie so much! and thanks for the fave too.