Reviews for "Quick Sand"

Should be called "Shit controls" instead. When challenge comes not from level design and features but from terrible maneuverability, this means you did something wrong.

The idea is great, but the way you put it is bad.

Not bad, but I gibe up on speedrun mode.

Really? No hidden trophy or achievement for beating Lava Mode? That's kind of disappointing, given its huge difficulty ramp-up... hell, even Speedrun Mode only took me four tries to beat...

...here's the problem I had: once you introduce the 'portal' stages, things start to get a little finicky. I would occasionally go through a portal while also moving in a diagonal direction or even with any sort of momentum behind me, and I could clip right into or even through a wall and die. This was especially infuriating in one of the first levels that introduces you to the portal gimmick since it has you drop through a portal to get to the door, but if you drop down too quickly, you would clip through the floor and die. It took me more tries to beat that one level than it did to beat the entirety of Speedrun Mode and get the trophy for it.

The game as a whole? Fun; a good time-waster if you have twenty minutes to burn...
...Speedrun Mode? Strict, but still doable with practice. (Pro tip: use the Block Breaker move by holding down to fall faster and not cling to walls.)
Lava Mode? Easier than Speedrun for sure, since there's no time limit imposed upon you, but those portals, man... they can really screw you over if you're not careful.

Quite cool but very unforgiving, make a tiny mistake and restart

short fun time waster 5\5