Reviews for "Quick Sand"


Nice game.
I like the hair animation.

Most of the levels were too fast for me so I cheated;

here is how;
right-click on game window
choose Play

Cool game

Cool game but very difficult for me.
good job ! =D

Break Brittle Bricks Briskly really doesn't work.

Before i'm going to rant about the game itself, i first of allwanted to point out that apparently the medal "Break Brittle Bricks Briskly" does in fact not work - anymore!

Yes, i can see that you got that medal. And various users that wrote a review own that medal as well.
Yet those reviews i found were submittet bewteen 13.-16. of June.

According to the order of your medals, you added the "Cave half full" and Brickbreaker one after the other two for completion.
I also can remember those two initially having a medal score of 0 and therefore not being displayed on this game's page in the medals section.

Therefore i suppose you involuntarly made the Brickbreaker medal unachievable in some later ipdate.
I already broke 12 and more bricks several times without releasing the Down-button, and twice even with pressing it for each jump (which is notably harder) - yet the medal didn't pop up for me once.

So i'd really appreciate if you'd take a look at your game again and fix that ;)

The game itself was alright overall.
The music was alright.
I liked that it used an introduction and en ending scene. Yet it was somewhat weird for me that the girl had a face in the very last image, it didn't suit the style of the scenes (and the charactermodel) imo.
The character's hair was inspired by Dixie Kong i guess?

It didn't get boring since it introduced some new elements every once in a while - keys, curved walls, bricks to break, spiked traps or "doors".

You have to get used to the controls since they're very sensitive, but once you got a feeling for it the levels are not too hard.
For example wall jumping has some tricks that are worth knowing: narrow walls can be jumped up pretty quickly by simply pushing of from the same wall and jumping at the same time; while broad walls should be jumped up by changing the side each time (spacebar + left, spacebar + right, etc).
And aside from breaking blocks, you can make use of the down button to avoid sliding on a wall if you don't want to.

Yet some later levels were far easier than earlier ones, and vice versa: The difficulty of the levels seems not to have any particular order.
Already the second level for instance it pretty hard. You are barely used to the movement, and especially since you don't know that you can use the down button to avoid sliding on the wall makes it harder.
I am aware, though, that some of these levels were just easier because the sand can sometimes be used as help whereas in other modes you don't have the possiblity to do so.

Now about the bugs:
I don't know whether it's intended that last set of levels with the "doors" is skipped when playing through the game for the first time.

Talking about doors, here's a certain bug i encountered: When you enterwhen the sand is exactly on the door's height. In this case you won't die and the complete level will fill itself even over the border.
Then there is another bug encountered while breaking the blocks. It might happen that you are squished when hitting the block from a weird angle.

Regarding the Speed Run mode, i think it's far too hard. You can barely afford to even fail more than two levels half way.
This really asks you to play each level various times to ensure that you make things flawless and to be prepared which level is up next.
Nothing against challenges, but at some point it isn't fun anymore.

I guess most people cheated that medal by simply abusing the fact that you can fast-forward the entire game.
I think you should make the timer less brutal and then find away to stop the skipping thing.

Compared to Speed Run, Lava Mode was pretty easy. Currently it would even be easier if players had twice the time for Speed Run.
Nonetheless i liked it, although not all levels changed since you sometimes just had to place sand on top in order to do it. (I would only have placed sand on the top on various spots, yet that would possibly afford some tricky programming)
But this mode really needs to get a medal!
I think if a game has medals and various modes, it doesn't make sense not to let each mode have one :o

I-smel responds:

I read all of this!


You still cant get all of the medals on this game.

I-smel responds:

I got em

Fun, but frustrating.

A good time killer.

The only thing that REALLY annoyed me were how the controls were really unresponsive and clunky sometimes, which for a game like this, is incredibly annoying.