Reviews for "Quick Sand"

it's ok.

the controls are way too responsive. like it on ice.

My summary and recommendation/suggestions

Like how theres multiple routes to each level one being the wrong way and the other the correct. It adds a lair of difficulty to mildly challenging game. Reminded a lot of Meatboy, a good thing for sure.

The controls were fine.. but somethings like the response of jumping off a wall, or when i break a stone and make a path while trying to get down to the path (hole) i made it wont respond to quick so i end up walking over it like speedy gonzales, yes im sorry i have to make such a comparison but it's an annoying issue when sand is coming for you. Especially in lava mode it becomes more than just a picking nits.

The game played good.. but i would have loved to see more contend to be intact with this experience to make it a bit more fleshed out. I think the short nature of the game fits oddly. But it's great that there was a speedrun mode and lava mode. Still with all that i spent like maybe roughly 30 minutes with the whole dang thing, with like hours upon hours on Meatboy and it's expansion pack.

Witch leads me to this conclusion either an expansion mack or.. a sequel either way im down with this. But another alternative witch i find personally very fitting is a Xbox Live Indie version.. more stuff better visuals i think it would do fine there. Really a lot of genuine shit comes through Xbox Indie. A virtual fireplace, fireworks. This is a quality game and i think it deserves more than what it's getting.

There you go i hope i helped.. (i-smel if your reading this)

PS. sorry for any typos or grammar errors i try my best to make my stuff readable.

I-smel responds:

I'd make more levels n make the game longer, but what's here is pretty much all I can come up with. I can't think of any more good levels.

And I'd LOVE to put any one o my games on the Xbox, that would be fantastic, but doing that is really really hard and basically I don't know the coding language.

Thanks though!

Good Idea But,

The Controls Were God Awful.


perfect difficulty nice gameplay and amazingly smooth

Fix Break Brittle Bricks Briskly

It was pretty good but please fix that medal it sucks when you finally do it and don't get anything :( but other than that good game and the speed run is really challenging. Well done.