Reviews for "Quick Sand"

Pretty Good

It's a good game, but the difficulty is fairly steep. Add a pause button... I liked it. Tweak and optimize, and you have a game.


It was OK, but very short (I beat it in about 10 minutes without really trying, didn't try speedrun), graphics were cute, concept was good, but sketchy controls and overall easiness really brought it down for me. There were only a few levels I had to retry.


I've got nothing to say


I think those "easy" levels where the only thing is sit and wait are designed for the lava mode and the speedrun, i agree with the wall jump, its akward.

an interesting concept

however, one of the issues i ran into is that oftentimes, you can easily just let the sand do the work for you. in situations where the only thing you need to do is scale a certain area to reach the exit, you can simply sit there and let the sand bring you to it.