Reviews for "Quick Sand"

sorry for this

I don't know what it is...but I can't seem to beat level 3. It's annoyingly hard, the controls are ok, I just can't complete it. The graphics are ok. Sorry, games I cannot finish don't get a good score from me, because the sand rises too fast.

"Nicely done!"

I'm loving this game! I very much like the idea of a sexy babe acrobatically jumping her way out of a viciously-rigged tomb. That picture of the woman after the completion of the game was pretty well-done; I felt quite a sensation "down there". Hopefully you make an awesometastic sequel to go with it.


A very nice game, could make a difficulty selector, i believe this was fairly easy. Very nice graphics, could make the girl a little more adventurous looking, nice everything, maybe make a level maker. This holds a lot of potential, could fix it up though

Nicely done

Easy to pick up, fun to play, a particularly hard level or two initially aggravated me, but I like a challenge. People fail to realize that the wall-jumping thing is just as easy as holding left or right against the wall and mashing up. Dont have to time your lefts and rights and such.

I love the "special" abilities, the ball-mode was very metroid for me to see, and the hair flying around was a nice asthetic touch. Very nice puzzle/platformer.

10/10, make a sequel please!

Poor level design

The level design is crappy. Half the levels you can win by just waiting for the sand to rise. You get four for the physics and graphics.