Reviews for "Quick Sand"

Very Addictive

She kicks Lara Croft's ass. Very fun and clever. Needs a sequel!!!

this game really started to piss me off

because i couldnt get passed the third stage for a while but is a preety good game
could do with a difficulty select and the hair was preety awesome all in all a good game

controls glitchy

controls are a little glitchy and you should of had an option to see the control layout. other then that a good idea none the less

Not bad, but not amazing

Cool concept, but the avatar is way too small for some of the tight wall jumping you have to do in the game, and the learning curve is too unforgiving for casual gamers. Multiple difficulties would solve this.


The character slides on everything, and combined with the unstable sliding speed, it's difficult to enjoy the game. The levels aren't hard, but the mechanics needs refining.