Reviews for "Quick Sand"


That was rly fun. It was hard but fast paced and it gave me the rushing feeling when I had to race to the exit. One minor thing is on some levels I could ride the sand to the door when I found the path you're supposed to take hard. So 9/10. Make moar. If you are mail me.

Hard and fun

im giving u my best rating cuz this game is way hard


a great time waster


Game concept is nice, but the music annoys after one minute and controls really suck. Hope you'll make an improved version because the idea is fine.

Not impossible

But i do have a few gripes.

Your single biggest enemy in this game is your own speed. it can make gauging jumps difficult at times and more often than you want youll find yourself sliding past your mark and causing you to fail. This same issue can make wall jumps a MASSIVE pain in the ass at times.

Also in Lava mode on the 3rd level or so when you introduced the passages that have "doors" or so to speak where you pass from one spot to another.

When jumping through the last one to get to the door i always wind up straight into the lava. Now im fairly certain this isnt an issue of me being slow as ive run the course repeatedly and feel ive come about as close to a perfect run as i can up to that point. I cant slide down the wall because of the "door" or passage whatever it is catches me before i go through and I cant get far enough over once I pass through to grab the right wall and when I simply try to go left to jump back up to the door i appear to (based on the sprite when I die) be halfway through the floor as if its not actually there at all.