Reviews for "Quick Sand"

WOW! When you put out No Time To Explain, I looked up your other games and all I found was that forgettable Dick About in a Spaceship but obviously I should have looked deeper! And to think, I found this not by searching your stuff but rather because it was one of the first games that came up when I searched "Trapped", because I was playing the Trapped series. And it's from 2010 for crying out loud, I should have found it. What's with that hair though. I was thinking you'd reused the sound effects from No Time but no, this came first. Small world. Or at least small flash game world. To come upon the same guy's work out of the massive set of stuff on Newgrounds, 2 different ways.

too easy

Controls are slippery...

Controls kinda suck... Otherwise great game!

helpful glitch..... it automatically skipped levels after 5 seconds for me, so i got all the medals.