Reviews for "Quick Sand"


this game is good
but........... just kidding

I-smel responds:


Great game

This was a great game for the most part.
-Pros: Very simple and performs smoothly. The cut scenes were done well too.
-Cons: Controls can be annoying at times. The medal is non-functional.
-Suggestions: Please fix the medal problem. I beat the game and didn't get anything. The controls are probably negligible as it's an older game. If you wanted to make this game even more challenging, make the sand an instant kill if you touch it. On some of those levels, I just basically rode it up to the door like an elevator.
*Overall this was a fun little time killer.

I-smel responds:

I'm tryina fix the medals.
The controls are not really because of anything; they're just as good as I could make em. Everyone says they're kind of bad, but I don't know how to make em better.

An extra mode where the sand kills you (where the sand is lava) is actually a really good idea and would be really easy to do. I think I'll add that as soon as I work out how that option'd fit on the title screen. So thanks!

Fun game.

The game is fun and challenging enough. The only problem was when I beat the game, I didn't get the medal and nothing unlocked for me.

I-smel responds:

I know, the medals aren't unlocking for some reason. I can't work out why, but I'm gonna keep workin on it til it's fixed.


Beat the game. It was fun. However, the medal system is fucked so I couldn't get the bonus stuff. I had the skull, chillin' in the desert after my escape... But no medal. :-(


I-smel responds:


its a great new idea of a game

it took me a little to figure out that to climb a wall you can just keep hitting up. its a great game

I-smel responds:

ok thanks!