Reviews for "Quick Sand"


hard but fun

Too hard for the average bear

Most games lure players by giving them a few easy levels, then cranking it up slowly; it can even be addictive to play a hard level and keep trying. However, the play time in the levels for this game is not long enough and the result is frustrated players *-*

Short n' Sweet

Difficulty-wise I didn't think it was that hard, some levels took a few retries but I blazed through it in 20 minutes. I think a portion of the difficulty was the loose controls but with a couple tries I got used to it.

Graphic-wise, I liked the hair effect, the game itself was simple and it worked.

Music got a lil annoying but it was bearable

Controls: I'm more partial to a jump button being away from the arrow keys if there is wall jumping involved(easier to wall jump from left to right instead of just doin a single direction wall jump) Otherwise everything was fine, the complainers need to step their game up.

Keep up the awesome work, can't wait for the April & Booster game and Johnny game.

Ok then.

I have few, many, even more suggestions.

1. Why is there no tutorial, keys explanation, anything? I mean, that was simple to figure out what can be done but still... that is rather required, for newbie gamers for example.

2. The gameplay is too fast in my opinion, responsiveness isn't perfect and it might be the reason. I am not sure what it is but sometimes you are not jumping when you should and you feel it's not your fault.

3. Too simple.

Hard?, phhh!

That was easy!!!