Reviews for "Quick Sand"

it is ok

the controls need to be a lot slower


It's ok, but the controls were way too quick...

Quick Sand

Very good game, but it lacks in quality

Needs improvements

The good:
-The music was ok, it was kinda the thing that kept me playing
-The story was OK
-Not bad character

The bad:
-The girl moves too fast, it's kinda hard to control her.
-Slippery controls
-Well...IT NEEDS A PLAY BUTTON! God, i waited it to load and suddenly the loading screen got away and i saw the title of the game i had no idea i had to click it XD ! Well, at least i figured it out, but some people didn't and it gives them the illusion that the game loads forever...Witch makes them give you a zero and they don't even have the chance to play the game.
-Haves some very hard levels
-Too short

-Better controls
-More medals
-Slower movement
-I think we should be able to collect stuff such as coins and there should be a medals for collecting them
-Make a better 2nd part

Tip :
You need to press jump A LOT.


Better control is needed. Plz fix the settings of jumping between two walls.
Poor and boring unless more creativity and items are added.