Reviews for "Quick Sand"


I used to think you were unreal at Making games
Especialy "Crunchdown" that was Unreal, but this,
You let me down I-smel!

Up should NOT be jump...EVER

This was a fun game. But i Really...REALLY Hated how the up button was the jump...it just made the game really more hard then it needed to be. I ended up having my left hand on the up arrow key and using my right for left right and down. I would give this a near perfect score if it wasn't for the up being jump.

Other then that i really enjoyed this one.

I-smel responds:

I don't get how someone can't do something so simple.

I think you can use WASD aswell.

good game

the game was awesome the jumping kinda suck it was still good game


To the author: Play N of the Ninja Way. Mimic those controls exactly. Keep everything else the same. Your game will skyrocket in popularity.


Overall good game but needs better controls including junping