Reviews for "Quick Sand"

Really Enjoyed It.

I found the game to be great. Although the re-spawning glitch did get a bit annoying as at times my character would just move forward because of an action I executed during the previous attempt. But apart from that, good job! =D


everything was perfect, though the teleportation glitches were a bit annoyiKeep up with the good work


its a good game

Wow dude dont listen to these fags

Just cause they cant beat the second level
I found it to be trully enjoyable, only part that made me think was the teleporters
they tend to be glitchy but other than that i loved it Great Job



i found this to be a fun game but it could be frustrating at times and there where glitches. i especially found speed and lava mode difficult and i am unable to beat either. also i dont like the tiny lag time between the time you press the jump button to the time she jumps.