Reviews for "Susie Suck Cunt Fuck"

what the fuck

That's messed up

This is a good cartoon, but very ridiculous. The funniest thing about it is probably how the girl keeps that face on the whole time. She seems like she's stuck in some cartoony world while trying to play with herself. She even vaguely resembles Leo from "Leo And Satan". The voice is also priceless, because it's this high voice about a woman discussing putting things in her vagina. It's so sweet that voice is constantly there.

The artwork is decent, especially with how the woman is drawn on sketch paper. I guess women can be sexual deviants after all. I couldn't tell if she was giving birth or if the cell phone was coming out of her vagina at the end. It seems like "Adult" should have its own genre. Well, it has its own page on the website, so I guess that's enough.


you are a good man

I'm so happy

I think I just might cry. That was great haha

The en.. The End!

Was probably the best part