Reviews for "Back to Russia"

So much truth

You did a swell job on this flash.

uglyslug responds:

Thanks Whinchy.

I lol'd

Nice one.

uglyslug responds:

Thanks Kombat

hahaha this was great

I've heard from a very reliable source though that the Russian text does not make up with the Russian dialogue.

uglyslug responds:

It doesn't!

<3 nice

good times. great flash. nice job sunshine. :)

uglyslug responds:

Thanks leaf.

Great job

"What" is always such a classic line

But you must tell me how you did that sound with the portal thingy because that was just awesome

uglyslug responds:

Haha thank zteaghl :)

It took me forever to get a decent portal sound. I forgot where I got it.