Reviews for "Back to Russia"

Very good

Very good comrade Sunshine. I give it a 10/10 for truth and hilarity.

uglyslug responds:

Thank you comrade.


Does it really fucking matter if the russian is right? that isn't the point of the movie at all.

uglyslug responds:


<3 nice

good times. great flash. nice job sunshine. :)

uglyslug responds:

Thanks leaf.

Waist of time

Animations were just ok, but subtitles did not match with sound at all.
Go and learn some russian. Honestly I waisted my time watching this flash that don't have any sense at all.

uglyslug responds:

I can't just learn Russian for an animation.

hahaha this was great

I've heard from a very reliable source though that the Russian text does not make up with the Russian dialogue.

uglyslug responds:

It doesn't!