Reviews for "Birthday 19"

Nothing like a Lazymuffin birthday flash

How exciting. Also quite exciting to look at common interests on you wishlist. I had more in common with you than I thought.

Out of curiosity, do you alter your voice by the same amount each time you record for a movie, or do you give or take depending on what flows well?

LazyMuffin responds:

Mostly the same amount, yeah.

Good Luck!

Woodstock Percussion Kid's Xylophone
by Woodstock Percussion, Inc.
Currently unavailable.
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LazyMuffin responds:


oh yeahh

FINALY SOMETIN THAT NEEDS TO GO FORWARD ... damn this takes 1 day ? LOL i would spend on it like 5 days min xD i rely suck xD u good man HAPPY B DAY !!!!!!! ;)


I would get you something from your wishlist but I would need to not be a starving artist type person first, but happy birthday anyways!!!!

sentient mouth?