Reviews for "Birthday 19"

Best rap I've ever heard.

Fo realz. Awesome flash. :D

every year gets better

another great video it doesnt suprise me after every submission u become more popular best of luck to ur birthday 21 video and also your other submissions this was my favorite video and i hope it stays that way i belive im not the only one that cannot stop watching this video but ive talked to much
great job :)


Wonder Showzen..... I think it got yanked off the air to early.. AMERICA and THE WORLD need to give it another chance!!!!!!

btw nice flash


this is a great video, it uses a few curse words, i give this a 9 out of 10. :) this flash is Crunk, FO SHIZZLE.

Hah, Hilarious!

I thought it was great.
By the way James Still1, Israel has compulsory military service, so he was almost definitely in the army.