Reviews for "Birthday 19"


it's 10 points worth, very nice song


As soon as I heard "rap song" I thought... uh oh.

Happy 19th birthday. :P

Quite funny

I was wondering how you were able to make so many things since you went into the Army. I hope you had a great birthday and I also enjoyed going to your website and checking out the stuff you bought. It had the same really cool animation style and I am starting to notice that you kind of look like Luis. I just like the way how everything moves in such a silly manner. I love the two voices you spoke in, even though I can not really tell who the other guy is supposed to be. It is great to have you officially back and making new stuff.

It's pretty funny.

It's not bad at all. just hard to understand all of the dialogue.


if this took all day and this was a great movi i guess i'll give it a 9