Reviews for "Birthday 19"

Not Depressing

Finally a birthday video that makes doesn't make me sad.

The Army? Sucks man...

Every year I have to claim that I am studying in order to postpone my service.
I wasn't even born in the frickin country (my parents were) but even my kids will have to go through the same bullshit.

Happy 19th

Nice animation ^^

Im really happy to see you back and making great videos again! The army seems liak serious business btw o_o

Oh my...

That got me all bothered and hot...

I love me some side mouth!

Happy Birthday!

How WAS your time in the IDF anyway? Also, I thought you're supposed to serve two years when you turn eighteen? Or am I just a knowitall douchebag who has it all wrong and you just wanna punch him in the face 'cause he's such a jerk? Lol anyway, Happy Birthday! Savor this year well, it's the last before you're no longer a TEENAGER! AHHHH!!! Oh, and awesome song, animation, and win-ness.

LazyMuffin responds:

Two years for girls, three years for guys.
You can get out of it if you try hard enough... and you're not a dummy.