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Reviews for "LL - Regarding the CC"


that was a solid slay!


I expected spam, but this is quite well drawn and the animations aren't too bad either.

Nice LL/CC Flash

LOL ok so this was a pretty entertaining flash here on the lock Legion and the clock crew, i dont know i have been watching clocks for 10 years now and locks a little after that, but as for this one this was pretty nifty like the opening loaders and good effects that was presented with it, as for the little story, it was notbad, i did think some subtitles could have been used for the clocks talking, you did present some nice animation, like with the falling "LOCKS" and all, and from start to finish it wasa pleasent flash i even thought the ending was funny with the little sayings and all, So a good flash here about the LL, and abit of the CC, so all and all a good entertaining flash, good luck on any other entries.

The onlything i really saw, was possibly some subtitles but even that was somewhat ok, maybe throw in a few more effects like when the locks are falling have some flares or light effects behind them or something.

a good LL flash of recruiting hehe



last I checked you guys had like 14 active members.

Nice flash though.

WinchesterLock responds:

Last time I checked, the CC has about the same number of members online as the LL. ;)

nice flash

what is the music at the begin??
I heard it in LBP2 trailer :D